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Anonymous #1:
The best course of action at this point is to go fuck yourself.
Anonymous #2:
ive kinda been doing that for 30 years.
Anonymous #3:
Anonymous #4:
Use the pain to help make some positive life decisions.
crotch bucket:
If you're already fucking yourself in the ass there's not much more you can do.
Anonymous #5:
Dude that sounds like a great way to launch into whatever the heck exciting you can think of.
Anonymous #6:
You have a couple years to correct the situation. If you find yourself saying the same thing at 35-40, #3 is right.
Anonymous #7:
You have not fallen in the rat race. Congratulations! Just keep up the good work!
the epic loser:
Code then your time won't be lost doing it if you enjoy it. real answer: It may be an excuse from a lame failure but I'll tell you that societies expectations and those you set for yourself are bullshit and make no real sense. Go to a hospital and witness a few people dying there, think a bit about how life used to be so different when you were kid and how it will be different in a decade or 2. Just fuck it! Life is too short and precious to be lamenting on some bullshit standards of "success". Build your own path by having fun and fuck all the rest.
Anonymous #8:
@the epic loser - you sound like a loser.
Anonymous #9:
Imagine how depressed you'd be with 3 kids, a house mortgaged up to your neck and a nagging, harpy of a wife. You're living the dream. Kick back and enjoy your freedom. You've failed to make bad decisions in life.