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Anonymous #1:
Anonymous #2:
Had the same feeling just after i wrote the first linux kernel
Anonymous #3:
It was easier when I wrote the Apollo lunar module's has only 1500 LOC. No all-nighters whatsoever :D
Anonymous #4:
LOL I lived on crack, coffee and pizza for six months before the TensorFlow framework was finally done.
Anonymous #5:
I learned that before even getting in the games industry. Sounds like you and your colleagues are getting shafted.
Anonymous #6:
The only way I would do something like that is if someone was going to kill me unless I paid them off, and I was getting paid hourly.
Anonymous #7:
I was high when I wrote Windows 10.
Anonymous #8:
I wrote Git while taking a shit
The only recommendation​ I can think of is that you fuck yourself real hard.