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Anonymous #1:
New career? or just keep bitching?
Anonymous #2:
Will just keep bitching till I get fired.
Anonymous #3:
I enjoy the problem solving and creative aspects of it, unfortunately a lot of that has been quashed in recent years thanks to Scrum and Agile.
Anonymous #2:
to a degree sure, but if you stay at the same job for long enough, it doesn't really seem like problem solving. It seems like assembly-line work that requires just enough mental concentration to where you can't just space off for the day. aka - torture
Anonymous #4:
I guess it's like a woman who decided to quit nursing because she can't stand the sight of human extrement, blood and dying. Naiive people who want to become programmers are not told about scrum, contradicting requirements, unrealistic schedules, social rank games which promote incompetent people and JavaScript.
Anonymous #2:
I knew I wasn't going to enjoy it going into my first day in college (learned basic web dev in grade school / programming classes in high school). Some poor life choices lead me to needing a quick path to decent enough money. It is hard to beat this for how easy it is. But that's probably part of the issue.
Anonymous #5:
@4: hahaha :D