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Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.

I passed the column names of the database table through the query string to allow the user to re-order the results by different columns. The user can now break the SQL query, or could attempt an SQL injection attack by manipulating the query string! (if they can get around the delimiters and the encoding function) Of course the application is not public and used by one or two people , but who cares, I did something very evil and against standard coding security protocols! Of course, I used to do this stuff all the time fifteen years ago without realising it, and in public applications and without any safeguards. Back then, our applications would fall over at the slightest hint of an apostrophe, and we never cared!
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I enjoy reading my coworkers commit messages like "A lot of Shit", "What is wrong with me", "You've got to be kidding me" and "I don't even know". It makes my day better
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I've created my own technological debt. My garbage code just keeps running, and I don't care enough anymore to improve it.
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I make messy hacked code to make things work and say that I'll fix it when I've gotten it to work right, but "If it ain't broke..", so I never clean up.
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When our company got proper structure and a sane workday, i lost my passion for my work. I don't care anymore.
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I feel homeless as a developer. I hate Windows culture but don't like working with Perl+Bash-script-crazed *NIX infrastructures. I like working on the backend but I despise Java and Enterprise development, and like "hipster" languages but I hate startup ass-hats. I like beer more than video games. I'm probably going to end up staring into a Smalltalk VM wondering why the fuck I chose this career
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I'm currently doing a job that only requires one person but there are two of us. I deliberately make the work sound harder than it is, as I have for the first time in YEARS found someone who can actually code with high standards on delivery.
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For years I've told people I'm a C# and Java developer. I have only used Java in college about 4-5 years ago now while I use C# on a daily basis. Recently starting doing a small Java project and it turns out I've forgotten most of the basics....
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I make mitakes.
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I just found this statement on a blog: "I mean – I would be suspicious of someone who could solve fizzbuzz off the cuff. They are likely to: 1. have too much time on their hands 2. had too many interviews asking that question 3. be unsufferably arrogant 4. or all of the above."
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Somehow, when users first login, we end up appending the site url their username and updating the database so that becomes their new username. Management put a code freeze on the app, though, so we've convinced users that our system doesn't know which site is "associated with their credentials" until they log into "their" site for the first time (there's only one site) but that appending the URL is a security feature to make sure other users can't login through "insecure sites." Only one person has gotten suspicious, so we just told him it's part of the new "NIST OauthID draft" and they seem to be fine with that.
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The last time I was proud of the project I worked on was ten years ago.
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I don't have the skills to debate against people with strong personalities even if they're wrong, so I lose often.
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I'd leave this job so fast if I didn't have a family to support.
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I'm a .NET developer and I don't know C# or fully understand MVC.
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My team leader asked me to "dumb down" my code (not use recent Java 8 language features) because some other team members can't understand my code. The code is clear and well written; they can' t understand it only because they haven't bothered to familiarise themselves with Java 8 - now more than 1 year since mainstream release. I refuse to reduce my code quality or use of more advanced features. I am now looking for another job.
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Due to time constraints and pressures from above, our unit tests have turned into an assertion-less desert for 'boilerplate' code... Just there to make sure our DI is set up right.
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In December a client's project owner was shown a proof of concept service. Initially the service was rejected by the project owner because "no one asked for it." Then the project's web designer said "that's just what we need." Now the project owner is bragging about 'his' web service.
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My guts are killing me and I really need to go to the toilet but I must get this working first.
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i'm a programmer , i create my own cms but i'm poor now after 3 years
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My employer is basically forking WordPress.
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I'm a developer, but for one week I have to work as QA. I was so bored about testing an app. I will be very happy when I will return to coding :)
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I've been coding for thirty years next year. I still think web coding isn't real software development.
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Pair programming in my new job has saved my confidence, sanity and belief in others.
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I was working on a clients website last night. I was switching their websites onto Cloudflare so I could easily manage their DNS settings. They weren't very cooperative so they gave me access to their emails to reset their domain registrars password. No, I didn't look through their emails. However, later that night I opened up an incognito window to watch some porn. Forgetting that I logged into their google account in an incognito window, and they were still logged in, and their google search history was enabled.. I went to login to remove it, and just as I went to remove the items from the list my network relapsed, and I lost the session. The password has been changed.
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Everyone in my company puts the opening bracket on the left when coding javascript, and they don't listen to me when I try to explain it's an anti-pattern that messes up return and label statements. Now they're all mad at me for running a code beautifier on all of our javascript files which moves the bracket (and formats whitespace better). They say it makes source control confusing but that's a terrible reason not to get the code right.
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Today I realized that the system I designed and built for my company, put 41 people out of jobs, leaving only 9. I feel both mortified and furious that I was never told about this fact.
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Our company has written their own version of a Double. It's a List of Integers for the digits, a boolean for Positive or Negative and an Integer for the Exponent.
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front end developers and javascript developers are hipsters of the programming world.
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my company does not have a security policy. we store our passwords in plain text, and we don't have SSL on our servers.
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The best part of my day is the 30 seconds I spend running my hands under hot water during one of my 2 five-minute breaks per day. It's the only time at the office I don't spend constantly looking over my shoulder, worrying about my increasingly uncertain future in this increasingly unviable startup founded to support an increasingly irrelevant industry.
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It irks me so when I work hard to get the code good and right, then someone comes in and adds the smallest of additions and doesn't care to get the details right. Functionally it works though so I really can't complain because we're already behind schedule and just need to ship something already
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My coworkers throw around the phrases "Object Oriented" and "Design Patterns" like they're going out of style, but they write the most disgusting antipattern bullshit full of static classes that work strictly via side effects on other classes... it's really led to me hating Java developers and the Java "community".
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I have a colleague that starts complaining about whatever technology he is using when he gets stuck. He gets stuck all the time since he's terrible in problem solving, I'm not sure if he can solve anything. I stopped replying to him when he asks something.
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Is there any documentation concerning CC's absolve/condemn choices? Often I want to absolve the author and condemn the practice.
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My boss taught himself programming and now dictates incredibly dumb coding conventions. He learned about namespaces. Now our namespace is named "namespace". Functions are called "execute_this", "step1", "step2", "step3", etc.
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I love low level technical stuff, like coding drivers, API, optimizing, reading the memory to understand issues, and so on...I also love to design elegant and (hopefully) great object architectures. But sincerely, I hate so much algorithms....I hate it so much that I usually dodge it and solve algorithm issues with architecture...Now I'm programming algorithm in C, and I hate it so much, and avoided it so much, that I feel clueless and almost unable to realize what I was asked to....
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Being a father seriously impacts my performance. Family and the long commute take away all my mental energy. I feel mentally drained when I finally arrive to work. I was better when I didn't have things to think about other than work.
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I feel my skill set is outdated but I don't know where to branch out to where it's most beneficial to my career.
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I can't stand developers who change the framework, language or database more often than their underwear. Rather than become experts they are just monkeys who jump on the hipster bandwagon with all the other idiots.
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TFS is a cheap toy. A steaming pile of garbage. Anyone who loves it is not a good developer in my books.
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My boss had us remove all error handling form the system because it just "hid" errors. Now if someone submits invalid JSON to our servers they crash. That's our fault because if we had written it correctly it wouldn't crash. Riiiight.
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A client has hired yet another web designer to redo their catalog web site. The new design has a page that will display catalog versions and their URIs within the company's internal network. I pointed out publishing privileged information such as internal URIs does not fall in the scope of best security practices. The response was the page will be "secret". Security by obscurity lives on.
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I can't trust any other programmer. Even though they pass the interview with hard questions about KISS, DRY, SOLID, MVP, YAGNI, you name it, they still come in and repeatedly copy and paste brain dead shit all over the place.
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The head of training at our company, the one who is in charge of making us into better information workers, sent out a slide deck this morning and told us to print it all out on paper to bring to the meeting this afternoon, and to bring our laptops.
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I hate having to work with such a nasty codebase at work, so on my personal (open source) projects I am incredibly meticulous; every six months or so I go back over the entire codebase, and if something doesn't immediately make sense I rewrite it. I'll probably never finish any of them, but at least I stuck to my principles.
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Once a Jenkins build is blue and sunny, it *must* stay that way. I fix any issues then delete lesser builds to avoid the clouds.
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Inherited a codebase from an agency who outsources their development to Pakistan. Some of the worst code I've ever seen, unused variables, business logic in data access, unreachable code...the whole shebang. Thought just the codebase was bad, then I saw our source control is shared with their other clients with full read/write access. Logging is also performed to a publicly accessible MySQL instance, which is also shared between clients with full read/write access.
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Sometimes I feel like they don't pay me enough to stand my workmates and this shitty job.
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I am earning low salary despite my experience because I cannot sell myself well on the job interviews.
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