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Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.


Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.

how many here take adderall / dextros just to get more done at work?

I used to code since I was at school, I'm really good at coding, I worked in it and made money from coding, but I'm feeling like it's not my field anymore, I feel like I need to be a famous Actor and give my self a chance in media field .

If I can not create authentication with JWT, between springboot and angular2, I am not a senior developer

Thomas is twice as arrogant as someone with twice his knowledge should be.

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He asked me to review his PR. Instead I checked into the branch and tested the functionality. And commented LGTM.

I took a COBOL course in 1999 because I wanted to get some of that Y2K cash. I never tried to get a job though.

I feel like I accidentally write infinite loops more than the average coder probably does.

The technical cofounder is always the least capable developer, because they never had to interview for the job.

My research lab just proved P=NP. To do this we set N=1.

The hopefully fired person really got fired I guess!! P.S. Not a confession

You are very rude to your coworkers. You are also not as big as you think you are. I'd like to bury a hammer in your face. Maybe one day.

if you have an open office, there shouldn't be any eating at desks. At least for those who apparently grew up with the manners of a pig.

paraphrasing senior developer: did I do functional tests? no. I made sure it compiled.

Java programmer here. Had to go C# because of the company policy. Gaaaaaa! You cannot throw exceptions from method declarations!! Ouch! The damn TreeNode from WForms is not an interface, so you must do something stupid and patch around! Gosh, I am frustrated. How can this scale up?

DNP - makes me crabby as fuck

How many different projects do most of you work on at one time?

It took me less than three minutes after getting to work to remember that I fucking hate this job.

Fuck open space office.

I prefer tabs over spaces

why are javascript shitters ok with their shitty fucking hack of a language?

We have bad UI with obvious flaws that can easily fixed but we can't because the lead designer thinks it's fine and it's no use arguing with him.

sure glad this company cheaped out and got us pieces of shit to work on. 4 blue screens before lunch. done working for the day. fuck off.

I hate holidays that cause the market to be closed. fuck off, president's day

Think I'd rather still be doing construction than this :|

I sleep on programming classes in college.