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Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.


Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.

All the ptoblems solved by tableless design were brought back by today's JS ptactices, custom fonts, and other dynamic shit.

i love javascript so much i am going to learn c++ just to learn about the V8 javascript engine. have a nice day! c++.js js will never die

I think Coding Confessional is underrated.

It's disheartening to know that the documentation you spend so much time writing isn't going to be read by anyone and will probably be rewritten.

My team (of which I am the lead, and only member with >2 years experience) just got a huge project dropped on us, but I'm hoping to find another job before we start work on it. I feel guilty for abandoning my guys but I just can't handle any more 80 hour crunch weeks...

I think programming is overrated. I just rub a needle against a magnet and poke at my RAM chip. Who cares about reusability?

If my team is revisiting a piece of code, and there are two equivalent solutions to a problem, and one of them has already been implemented by whoever previously worked on the code, I look for opportunities to tell them to change it to the other solution.

I think functions are overrated, and code duplication isn't a big deal.

The CTO tells me we have to get you freed up from doing this BS work. So what I want you to do is go write documentation.

At my job, people don't know how to write english without obvious errors. What is even worse is that they don't know their mother language much better.

I dont feel motivated at my job anymore and everything from management to development are being handled horribly. I'm just going to collect my pay checks for as long as I can and watch this place go to shit.

I love finding mistakes in the code of people who I consider full of themselves during code review. Seeing their ego crushed a tiny bit is wonderful.

I think that "security" is a huge pile of horseshit designed to bill clients, sell ineffective "security" apps like a dozen layers of competing third-party antivirus per desktop and give non-technical managers a chance to pretend-play with IT projects and budgets. Is it really a billion-dollar industry to use safe standard library SQL classes and turn on OS features like the firewall?

I have a 9 to 5 job. I also have a start up I work at on my free time... Im going to give my work tasks to a freelancer and work in my start up during work hours. So I look good with my employer, get my salary [minus my freelancer minion], and continue the hassle of delivering my project.

I work as a contractor: I just turned down a job because the customer had a really outdated framework with which I had to work and he did not want to update it.

I'm starting to dislike C++ and many C++ developer's coding style in particular with a passion. People seem to have forgotten that you should go for the simplest solution that gets the job done, and now think that more is more when it comes to (usually excessively and poorly) using every feature of the language that you're aware of. We have components that do trivial things that take ages to compile and use up gigabytes of memory doing so, due to obscene amounts of class and template trickery and automatically generated boilerplate. C in the hands of a competent programmer looks zen in comparison. C++ does improve on some (minor) things from C, but I'm not so sure it's worth it seeing the horrible things people do with the language.

I've hardcoded results during my exam. Teacher gave me the highest score because no one except me from our group were able to complete all tasks.

I've begun to program for money. I've lost my principles somewhere. Today I'm ready to deal with the most shitty projects but higher payment.

I wonder how long this post can go without receiving any condemns or absolves.

I hate static methods with a passion. They have their place, sure, but they've caused me so much grief in the past I try to avoid them 99 times out of 100

There were requirements for program changes discussed in the meeting that were omitted in the meeting log. I'm not going to say anything and only do the ones in the meeting log, because fuck em if noone's read and corrected the meeting log in a week, I'd rather do less. I'm fully aware they may still ask once they see the changes I do make, it's worth it for me to make a big deal and give them crap for being sloppy.

I have come to the realization that in order to stay competitive in my geographical area, I am going to have to learn more .NET.

So my boss looked at my paycheck and said "for your price i can hire four". I was fired, four people were hired. The project died after one month. It was laravel....

Definitely I need to start some business, two more years at max and I'll just shoot myself...

I am not an imposter.

I feel more like a janitor than a developer. 90% of what I do is clean up other people's shit. Just today I extracted a function from over fifteen copy-pasted code blocks that only differed in two parameters (plus some unintentional differences), but what's the point when those people will not learn a single damn thing and just keep doing it? It feels like the codebase goes to shit the moment I look away. It's a never-ending depressing battle.

My friend thinks Orale is the most evil company in the history of IT (as it buys up every projects and spoils them). I dissagree - I think IBM is absolutely most evil in not IT world but probably in the very league... From its history to the way it prices their products.

I've the bad habit to alter components' English spelling with my mother language spelling. Ilarity ensues

CodingConfessional should not allow random posts like this... :/ defeats the old purpose.

Are Java, C and Visual Basic compiled or interpreted languages?

A ma fà tu i test

I develop using 4th dimension.

I'm used to define me and my colleagues as dogs.

If someone of my developers makes me angry, I will fail his code reviews for at least 10 times

I prefer using windows' command prompt instead of Cygwin

if one of my colleques needs help (and I know that he needs) on something that I know, I don't help him until he doesn't ask directly to me (ninte sacciu)

After 20 min that I listen to my Solution Architect, I just nod without hear anything else for the next 2 hours he/she is speaking.

If a comment requires more than one line, I prefer to don't comment at all.

I used to start Tomcat through GUI withouth looking at logs.

I'm C# developer... On Debian..

I'm a Java developer..on Windows

I'm considering moving up into management.

I often use for cycles

I have no idea what a nameserver even does

i am a PHP developer

Whenever I see the same post here twice I absolve one and condemn the other.

Whenever I see the same post here twice I absolve one and condemn the other.

All I've ever wanted is to be a musician. Oh well, this coding stuff pays the bills I guess...