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Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.

Fuck jsTag. for index in [0...@scope.tags.tagsCounter] @scope.tags.removeTag @scope.tags.tags[index].id BECAUSE USING ARRAYS IS TOO DAMN MAINSTREAM

Do you really code from 9 to 5 or you take a break in-between.

Am I the only one who feels sleepy while coding?

I dont take ruby on rails seriously anymore. Every client that I met using it has folded or abandoned it.

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quit(); exit(); finish(); giveup("now"); sys.exit();

printf("thanks for make me sad again");

if She.Gone () and Me.Sad (): Cry ();

FuckYou ("Amanda");

while (Me.State == "Really bored and sad") { TryToKill (Me); }

I'm bored of try to explain what I do, everyday is the samething, nobody cares what I like to do, if it give me money or not, I just want finish my projects without lost the focus

I'm the smartest guy in our office. And that ain't saying much.

factory line work is more enjoyable than this faggot shit

Die Firmen suchen keine Softwarekünstler-Ingenieure, sondern Code-Monkeys. Hau die scheiße raus, hier ist schon das nächste Modul was benötigt wird.

I should have quit this job years ago. Not sure I'd even be able to get another coding job with my current outlook. Still thinking to bet everything on a risky stock play. Not work or kill myself. Either outcome seems more acceptable than programming for 20+ more years.

> sitting in public space, Uni for instance > laptop open, just lurking /g/ or something equally unproductive > girl comes over and sits in my peripheral region > instantly open atom/CMD/IDE/whatever and start hammering at keyboard with intermittent pauses during which I study my screen contemplatively while rubbing my chin Anyone else do this? Has it ever worked?

How the actual fuck are we expected to know this many languages / frameworks / libraries for a web dev interview? This shit is RIDICULOUS. No one can honestly say they're half proficient at any of this stuff if they have to know ALL of it. Is this the only way to get a job these days? This sucks balls!

I just coded the same logic as two other team members did. Now we have the same logic in 3 different modules. Mine has a public interface and COULD be reused by the other two, but i was the last one to get assigned the task of making it... So the other two modules just use their own copy.

I'm lazy I just want to get paid and don't work. All this companies don't do any good to humanity I think boycotting just by being lazy is a just cause. I hate banks. Their code is shit and they don't put even a minimum effort in making it better.

If I would have known what web development would look like in 2016, I wouldn't have gotten into the field at all 12 years ago.

Being 28 with 4 years of experience feels like: " I'm useless, and late from everything".

Don't any of you guys get sick and tired of sitting in a desk looking at computer screen for the majority of your day? That shit has had to be bad for your health I would think.

On a scale of 1-10 honestly how much do you like your job do you actually build stuff and work on cool projects or just sit for 8 hours in front of a screen fixing other people's bugs or shity mistakes?and would you recommend it to people

I have to paste my code/frustrations here because nobody else in my entire life cares about or understands what I do all day. I am so alone.