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Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.

I love MicroServices. It took a while. Had some issues with runaway infinite recursion requests, but now I really can't see it any other way. Of course there is UI stuff that has to be done, but building any kind of backend restful service without a MicroServices approach is just unthinkable to me now. Confession: I'm a convert, I guess. §

sometimes I stick my thumb in my ass and then smell it

Lil' Wayne is Clearly an Alien

No program is complete without using at least one goto.

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Good day! I have a bunch of dodo stuck in my butt. Good day!

J. C. R. Licklider worked to initiate the development of the internet during the Cold War to bait trolls out of their closets, because the world needed to be told it's a piece of shit before it killed itself.

Been using object initializes like crazy, Instead of the reflexive semi-colon we C type devs know so well, I'm actually starting to reflexively hit the comma instead :). Feel me? § CBitty³ § <= My new CC tag name (so ya'll bitches can holler back). And I don't give two fucks if you condemn me bitches (That's pronounce C (The letter) Bitty Cubed. Word.

I use brackets as my code editor.

One time I was writting a Microsoft Word document and placed a // in a line because it was not important.

After my first job where I was underpaid, I landed a well-paid position in the bank just to realize half year after that I barely write any code. Investigation tasks mostly. And not a lot of tasks generally, bureaucracy and stuff just make me chill a lot. Just a little bit worried about my not really developing my skills any further.. I still read stuff and do trainings but I don't really get to practice those..

I am extremely tempted by visual basic and I don't know why

i'm stuck in a job that has nothing to do with coding. i'm vastly underpaid for the skills i have that i never get to use on the job. i love web development, enjoy the challenge and the projects i get to work on (mostly my own) but i feel if i transition into this as a career, sure i'll get more money and feel more challenged but eventually i'll grow to hate coding, to despise this as much as i despise my current job. so i just never make the move, and the years pass. and it's upsetting.

Quit job before having another one lined up. How bad of a decision would this be?

Despite my best intentions, circumstances (lack of resources, budget cuts, hostile ops and other dev teams, etc.) have turned me into one of those lone wolf developers who running about a dozen production apps on one server with no failover. This is at a multi-billion-dollar company. One day I'll make up for it.

This place makes me feel ancient.

I bookmarked a git-centric stackoverflow question for the first time in about a year and a half. I have over 40 bookmarks outlining little one-off things I've picked up over the years, but haven't done anything new lately.

Do most posters here expect to be coders for their entire career? If not, how long do you expect to be doing this for? I'm only at five years, but can't imagine doing this for another 20+. Almost 100% chance of be blowing my face off if that's the case.

I could not possibly have less motivation to do my work.

Takes me less than 10 minutes to I start repeating "I FUCKING HATE THIS PLACE" in my head after getting to work. I should probably continue on like this and have it keep getting worse instead of just finding another job. Smart guy I am.

"We are celebrating our April successes by wearing pink or yellow attire" Fuck, talk about amazing perks. Eat your heart out SV employees!!!!

duct-tape programming is the only practical approach for software development. that "prefect architecture" only exists in your mind which you unknowingly rant about everything based on it.

"just on the surface" for something that grows inside means a lot more deeper.

cryptography always starts with cry.

Just waiting for the clock to mark the end of the day... i feel like fred flinstone, waiting for the whistle... after breaking rocks all day... laughing at other cave people remarks, hahaha so funny!... right.... digital flintsone.... honey im home!!!

I really just want to be Matthew Farrell in "Live Free or Die Hard"... Maybe without the Spawn action figure collection.