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Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.


Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.

I hope people that says 'Hopefully you'll get fired' gets fired.

I hate my life. I miss coding for fun... instead of building projects dictated by others, for clients who think the work that took me a month of 80-hour work weeks isn't worth more than a few hundred bucks (and that we're charlatans for suggesting otherwise) -- especially when I'm salaried and not paid any extra for those 80-hour weeks. I just want to build a blanket fort and make a castle out of legos.

I want to shift my career toward marketing, where most of my formal education is rooted, but I don't want to leave the developer pay grade. (Absolve to go for Marketing, Condemn to stick with Development)

Finding more advanced tutorials online has gotten really hard lately. I just spent an hour going through courses (on a service I pay for) yelling "remedial" at each course overview and clicking to the next one.

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I still don't know what Full Stack really means, even though I'm pretty sure I have all the skills to be considered a Full Stack developer.

People keep telling me I'm so smart. I start to believe them, then I hang out around other developers, and I feel like a complete moron. I tested two points shy of getting into MENSA and I have a Master's degree that I worked really hard for -- so I live in this weird in-between world where nobody wants to be my friend because smart people think I'm too stupid to keep up and "normal" people think I'm too smart to relate to.

Can't even write my confession because the human test is wrong. The question is "which of the following is a programming language" but the only thing that's not a country, person, or car company is a scripting language, not a programming language. (Absolve if scripting languages count as programming languages, condemn if they don't)

I asked my boss if I could update my job title to reflect some changes to the work I do, and update my displayed name to include "MBA" since I'd finished my MBA degree. The boss was 100% in agreement. A coworker changed his job title on Basecamp to something silly and jokingly said maybe he should add cool stuff after his name on the business card too. I'm so glad he thinks my hard work is a joke and that he has to feel like he's better than me because he's been at this company longer. So fucking sick of these people. (Oh look! Now I'm job hunting!)

I swear to god they chose the least-stable versions of Unity and VR plugins possible as 'canon' for our project, and keep telling me it's 'necessary' every time I try getting them to use stable stuff. Why do people do this?

One of my friends is brilliant, published their first game in college and lived off it for a few years. Recently they lost their first major programming job. That person is dyslexic and has mild autism. I'm worried about my friend because they live alone and I'm concerned they may become suicidal... What can I do?

Sometimes I think I got good at the wrong thing.

I wrote in my resume that I am a team player but really I hate working in teams I prefer working alone.

i hate java that's all

I want to develop chrome extensions but I REALLY HATE Javascript

I hate finishing projects.

Sometimes I just walk around the office with a serious face to make people think I'm thinking about some hard problem.

I'm coding a backdoor in every customer project of mine, just in case the customer don't pay for the work later. So I can easily destroy the backend with one request of php file.

I didn't pay an external coder who did an Update of some PHP files from v5.3 to v7.0. 44 lines of code where changed, 36 hours invoiced for 70€/hour.

Sometimes i forgett to correct the autocorrection

Sonstiges i forgett ; after a Line in JavaScript

I've read a lot of entries around here and some entries think that wordpress sux. In my opinion these people are the ones who publish a new fucking JS-library every fucking day so that you can compile the JS-library you published 1 day before, while that one renders the JS-library before and that specific one is used to keep the whole universe from exploding when you dont use it from now on in every fucking project. did i mention the one library that fries your harddrive when you are still using jquery and not a combination of angular 2.1.X-beta and a react.js-nightly-build compiled by a webpack driven build toolchain?

Programmers shouldn't conduct interviews because their egos always gets in the way.

When someone pastes a library, technique, or other tech stuff in our chatroom, and the link's preview image is "some guy", I partially judge the link based on how much of a douche he looks.

sometimes I want throw away my Phone and PC and move to an island without internet and electricity and live the rest of my life in peace.

I use name vec instead of Vector in 3D physics modelling