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Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.


Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.

I hate that the front end guy does css' class names with numbers in front of it. When it gets to me so i can implement i just erase them all and redo his work.

Lately the only thing I like about my job is coffee. I think I'll drop everything and open a coffee shop.

I got so angry after a phonecall to another company's useless "tech department" that I kicked a chair so hard I broke my toe

Someone I work with has their own office with a door and headphones but still yells at me when I eat chips.

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I hate web developers.

I wish I could accuse someone of racism, but I know they are bitching at me because I'm just a lazy fuck.

anyone ever use evoq...?

I quit Uber today because of their disgusting sexism, fascism and racism

I cannot believe it works. Easily the most complex thing I've ever made requiring technologies I've only just learned about. I'm excited and scared.

why do people keep making sounds that I would expect to hear coming out of a stall? did someone not tell me about the new diaper policy?!

I should be working but I'm looking up the voting registrations of all my coworkers.

I dont believe in putting firewalls on an "office network" that consists of a bunch of guys with macbooks.

I spent 10 minutes this morning organising the office cup drawer. That'll probably be the most satisfying piece of work I'll do today. Everything else is a mishmash of bad requirements, compromises and bad legacy code.

Im a consultant to this IT company, and the turnover rate of their tech guys is ridiculous. Im more senior than 90% of their tech staff, and I go through a new "assistant" every few months. So Ive made a hobby of running each one through a tech interview and trying to guess if they have a future in IT. They mostly dont.

Hate it when people use an inline IF in Razor to decide whether to add an onclick attribute and ends up breaking the behavior in the process due to misplaced double quotes..

Thinking of leaving the field and becoming the next Vincent Chase. That's my kind of lifestyle. I enjoy the fast life.

In an email to a banker I almost said "upload" instead of "deposit".

I hate breaking lines of code with one instruction even if they're long.

how many here take adderall / dextros just to get more done at work?

I used to code since I was at school, I'm really good at coding, I worked in it and made money from coding, but I'm feeling like it's not my field anymore, I feel like I need to be a famous Actor and give my self a chance in media field .

If I can not create authentication with JWT, between springboot and angular2, I am not a senior developer

Thomas is twice as arrogant as someone with twice his knowledge should be.

He asked me to review his PR. Instead I checked into the branch and tested the functionality. And commented LGTM.

I took a COBOL course in 1999 because I wanted to get some of that Y2K cash. I never tried to get a job though.