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Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.


Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.

I loved OS/2 Warp

Dev repo is down. Can't do a thing now. Just looking at imageboards for about 2 hours straight.

I replaced my teammates' slow and erroneous reviews with automated tests.

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Tomorrow I go on vacations to a country without Internet, I'm the only developer in my company.

Coding isn't the part of the job I prefer. I like problem solving, and archicturing the software. But when you are at the code itself, most of the time, it's the begin of the boring part because the problems are already solved, and the architecture is already defined. Now my job is to port some code, and I feel it's the most boring thing in the world so I'm super inefficient.

A lot of people who call themselves web developers are just skilled at installing and debugging Wordpress plugins.

I asked more than 3 times for better equipment and tools. They say yes, I'm right and they are going to give me. It's been more than 2 months and nothing has change. I work in a software company and I'm leaving because of that.

I really like doing public product demos of our software

I press command + s about 10 times every time I save.

How do you keep track with all the latest trends and platforms of technology.. I feel overwhelmed and tensed whenever I see something new launched and gets confused about what should I learn first

I am out of track for coding and screwed interiviews with Verizon and Amazon.. How do I get back on track with latest technologies?

I hate when developers namedrop obscure (and, in a recent case, completely undocumented and internal) concepts when explaining things, seemingly oblivious to that the person they're talking to can't reasonably be expected to know about them. I don't know if it's a silly attempt to show off where they really don't care if they're making themselves understood, or if understanding what other people are unlikely to know is somehow a super difficult task to them. Usually it's fairly simple stuff too, made hard by being explained in an idiotic way akin to inventing a language with a friend and using it on strangers. Bloody waste of everyone's time.

People here is getting so rude over time 😔

Here, in Brazil the teachers of computer science only speak bullshit.

I did nothing at my work in the last 4 hours 'cause mysql is not starting and I've failed miserably at fixing it

Notepad++ > Sublime Text 3

Sometimes I hard code constants.

i am learning java. i want to create a project.but a little confused.

I have no friends, no sense of humor whatsoever and only care about code.

SJWs in tech drive me crazy and make workplaces feel hostile, I just want to code without worrying about diversity quotas etc. Hire the best person for job!

The politics of companies it what makes me hate working for companies. if you could just leave me alone in my corner, i'm good. everybody is trying to get ahead and us programmers just want to code and make money.

Looking to do a Syndicate to do Euro Millions and the BI & Analytics guys are busy doing models to figure which numbers to pick for the 15 odd lines..

The corporate network is run by Mordac from Dilbert, complete with MITM-snooping on encrypted connections. I use Tor in bridged mode to get around all that crap, and surf the web without Big Brother peeping over my shoulder.

I hate my teammates!!!!!