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Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.


Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.

After an entire month without rest, working 12 to 16 hours a day, all I need is a stroke. How can I induce one? Thank you.

African Americans can't code, africans can. When you grow up in a third world country with no guarantee of stable internet, you kind of have to be to get anything done, YouTube tutorials? nope, all you have is a couple of mbs alloted bt the isp overlords to download learn python the hard way and practice the shit out of it. Errors? fuck you solve them yourself. I've found kids who've literally rewrote all firmware on their pentium 4 and duo core pcs.

We provide the very best in extraterrestrial penetration of the unrequited and often unconscious variety! All at a low cost, all at blistering orbital velocities... InterRapes.

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I is a programer of excelent calibbur. I make the soffware that make your car go vroom vroom. Then my cousin Amir al Akhbari make your car go boom boom.

i had spotmaneous violent diarrhea in my spacesuit while orbiting the earth at 9000 miles per second. it spurted out of every orifice and rained down on California like a brown shower.

Rudolph can eat the peanuts in my ass pate

My GF just broke up with me, but later that day I've been promoted at my job, which is nice... (Sorry for my grammar)

"The world economy is fucked irreparably. Sit back and enjoy the decline." Sucks for you. I make an absurd of amount of money while supplying over 500 jobs for young developers in NYC who make 33% more than they're supposed to. We also give them 30 days of unquestioned PTO. There are about 575 of us total, including the investors. Perhaps your world view just sucks and your pessimistic mindset is actually your own descent.

Some people are still in doubt, so I'm here to clarify what is blatantly obvious to anyone with half a brain cell: there will be no recovery. The world economy is fucked irreparably. Sit back and enjoy the decline.

Idiot liberals. You think money grows out of thin fucking air? You think prosperity, actual financial security, actual decent quality of life for the future comes from some social network or some stupid app? You fucking idiots are dumber than you look and sound.

Our senior engineer push node_modules and vendor folders to master every day...

i got raped by the ghost of abraham lincoln. #metoo

I like seeing FuckIT's comments. So real.

How many of our politicians have dual citizenship with Israel?

software gets worse with every passing day, the plebs have been unleashed and there is no going back, RIP humanity

"Your password must be 8-20 characters, including: at least one capital letter, one number, one special character and the name of a care bear." --- Sites that makes you enter a password like this should be deleted from internet

I used to really enjoy this website, but all the racist and sexist jokes makes me quit. I should do the same at my work, where apparently it's ok to joke about black people, jews and muslim at lunch. Kiss. More moderation is needed there.

a man looked at me on the bus. i felt so unbearable.... so.... vulnerable . #metoo

my neglected wrinkled balls groan and creak under the weight of my C++ belly gut.

Joke o'clock. Two bright, young talented black kids enter a coding competition.

You can't steal shit from a Jewish brother. Unless you want to get the power drill out and start bagging up the bricks.

Call me a racist if you really must but I really dislike Indians. It must be said that they smell like chilli carnival toilet, have idiotic and ridiculous customs and religious beliefs that I don't tolerate or believe in, and believe rugs belong on walls and not the floor. Well, I must say I'd rather not share my personal space with these tools. Please, be gone. Back to whence thine came and take the foul stench with you. Yours sincerely, Trump.